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California Dental – We are the best dental clinic in San Jose and Newark California with excellent services for invisalign, dental implants, braces, lumineers, veneers, root canal, teeth whitening, pediatric dentist and much more!

What are your perks and benefits?

Luminous Smile Dental California Special Price

We treat our patients TOO SPECIAL thus we URGED ourselves to give the BEST, AFFORDABLE, & LOWEST-PRICE EVER GUARANTEED without compromising the QUALITY!

Why Luminous Smile Dental?

Innovative technology – WORLD-CLASS TOOLS and equipments
Extreme cleanliness & control
FRIENDLY ECOSYSTEM from receptionist up to your dentist
Free dental health guides for you to use everyday
PPO Health Dental Insurance
HMO Health Dental Insurance
Walk-in Patients can be accommodated even without insurance
Very accessible from Palo Alto, Fremont City, San Francisco so wherever you are in Ca we can accommodate you with freebies
Last but not the least – our PRICES have never been this AFFORDABLE! We are GENEROUS to KIDS, SENIORS, DISABLED, or almost to all ages through DAILY coupons and discounts promos!

General Dentistry like Teeth Cleaning, Dentures & Partials, Root Canal Therapy, Periodontal treatment, Fillings, Sealants, Gum disease treatment

Cosmetic Dentistry such as Dental Implants, Invisalign, Porcelain Veneers, Lumineers, Crowns, Dental Bridges, Teeth Whitening, Snap on Smile

Premium Dental services such as Dental Extractions, Dental X-rays, Intra-Oral Imaging, Dental Exams, Nightguards and Mouthguards, Palliative Treatment, Oral Cancer Check and much more!

You are TOO SPECIAL thus you are the PRIORITY
Are you frustrated and annoyed before due to these circumstances?

I get cold at the dental office:
My neck/lower back/shoulder hurts in the dental chair:
I hate the cost of dental treatment
I hate to wait
I hate to wait for the doctor to check me after a cleaning
I hate it when I am put on hold when I call/my dentist keeps getting up and
Sometimes I need to get up to stretch/use the bathroom
I am scared of dental visits
I hate shots/drilling noises/feeling pain

LUMINOUS Smile Dental Care
You are too dear to us so you will never be upset as you visit!

Just like how we care for our children, YOUR REQUESTS will be addressed as soon as we get in touch in CHAT, PHONE, EMAIL, etc.
Our clinics are too comfortable and refreshingly peaceful to stay. Not too cold nor too hot just so FEEL AT HOME!
TIME is GOLD so your TIME will be valued thus we see to it that TOO MUCH of WAITING is prevented
Never be scared of PRICES because the team is ready to HELP and ASSIST you just let us know
Whatever disappointments you have encountered before are already addressed by the team through study and research plus our own decades of experience

Meet the Doctor
Dr. Maria Kristina Hilado
Dr. Maria Kristina Ganzon Hilado is an accomplished dentist who has been in the dental field for 16 years. Originally hailing from Ilo-ilo City in the Philippines, Dr. Hilado attended Centro Escolar University (CEU) where she earned her Doctor of Dental Medicine (DDS) degree.

Dr. Hilado is known for her conservative approach in dental care as well as her quality work. She gets fulfillment in helping patients read more get their smile back and alleviating pain and discomfort.
In her free time, Dr. Hilado loves to travel, train for marathons, volunteer for dental missions and watch movies.

Dr. Ponciano C. Melo Jr., DDS
Dr. Ponciano Melo received his Doctorate in Dental Medicine/Surgery in Centro Escolar University Mendiola, Manila, Philippines in 1994. Technically speaking, Melo is the best here in California not only in Consultancy but also Management. His solid experiences in Dentistry combined with his PASSION to HEALTH & TECHNOLOGY paved the way to his LOVE for patients and the dental clinics as well.

His formula to success is very straightforward – LOVE, PASSION, DEDICATION, COMMITMENT, and GENUINE CARE to patients, co-dentists, and staffs. The most interesting part of his style is utilizing the latest technology to make the process easier, comfortable, and 100% ACCURATE!

Ponciano Melo handles the day-to-day financial aspect of the dental business. He looks forward to a greater focus on the development of the clinical team and clinical resources within the business to better support the dental teams who provide exceptional patient care and service. He is very committed to the long term success of the dental business.

In a very humble beginning – tested and breakthrough with a lot of challenges, Melo and the team GUARANTEES that all NEEDS are met, PROBLEMS are SOLVED, CARE & SUPPORT are provided with 100% QUALITY!

Aside from his decades-long experience in the field of dentistry, Ponciano is also a former award-winning recording artist in the Philippines who is known by his stage name, John Melo.

Discounts? Promos? Packages? Deals? BOOK ONLINE or CALL US!

Luminous Smile Dental Clinics are always on PROMO! Yes and as a matter of fact we usually give voucher once you get in touch with us anytime. Why we do this? We reiterate, we doctors or dentists here in Luminous Smile Dental are driven to improve the quality of life and as much as possible we make all dental services affordable and accessible to all via PPO, HMO, or simply walk-in and we will give you promos and deals you can enjoy!

You know what? you will enjoy more than 87% OFF SAVINGS when you get in touch with us! It is not a magic nor anything – this is GENEROSITY! Why are we generous? We believe the best question is WHY NOT BE GENEROUS considering the fluctuations of economy is uncertain.

We understand you and we have been there before! That is why we are here to share to you the sweetest smiles you need and the benefits of self confidence without giving too much burden and yoke financially!

YOU ARE VALUED here in Luminous Smile Dental promise! We treasure our patients as precious gems like our children we used to LOVE.

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